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My name is Rich Williams. I’m a videographer, web designer and musician. Latest projects include Mammal Hands, Noya Rao, Caoilfhionn Rose and Gideon Conn.



Aeve Ribbons – Strangers

Here’s a little video me & Caoilfhionn Rose filmed of Aeve Ribbons in the book store at The Art of Tea,...

Agbeko – There is a jungle

The second Agbeko video ‘There is a jungle’ from the sessions at Antwerp Mansion, Manchester has been released. I tried fade and blend in the different shots and overlays in this one as the song is a bit more chilled out. It’s mainly made up of close...

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-love (webGL)

I’ve converted the Multi-Love video by Unknown Mortal Orchestra into a Unity WebGL scene over at . Use WASD control and your mouse to look around. Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to get enough time to convert it to a smaller file...